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Medical Imaging / IMCO, Inc. is here to assist you with your podiatry x-ray needs. We offer both new and used podiatry systems from the best known manufacturers. Below are a few of the systems we offer.

We service all the systems that we offer including installation, application and warranty labor. You can count on us to provide you with the highest level of service and support.


 ICRco 3600SF CR

The iCR3600SF is an excellent choice for hand surgeons and podiatrists. Its patented design incorporates a True Flat Scan Path™, an ultra precise scan mechanism and protective cassettes to produce over 300,000 high resolution images per plate. iCRco imaging plates are fixed to a rigid back panel. Nothing ever touches the active area of the phosphor plate resulting in an artifact free image.  





Extremely fast processing in a compact body streamlines diagnosis. This compact table-top reader unit has outstandingly high-speed processing to challenge the common misconception of CR.







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