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Pre-Owned "1997" Continental TM30 Rad Room:

Floor to Ceiling Tubestand - Wall Bucky - Control and Generator - Hi Lo Table - Linear MC150 Collimator - Kodak M6 Film Processor



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  Physician email lists



Medical Imaging / IMCO, Inc. is here to assist you with your medical x-ray needs.


We service all the systems that we offer including installation, application and warranty labor. You can count on us to provide you with the highest quality service and support.


We also sell and service laser printers by Sony (Film Station), Konica Minolta, Carestream, Kodak, Agfa and Aycan (Paper Print).



 Konica AERO DR


The Konica Aero DR is the world’s first wireless 17x17 flat panel detector that delivers excellent image quality and dose performance. It is able to stand up to substantial shock or weight bearing loads, ensuring reliable operation. The Aero DR can easily be combined with either new room equipment or added into existing Radiography equipment. Ideal for use in standard sized analogue buckies and grid cabinets.




 GE OEC 9600


The GE OEC 9600 C-Arm features a simple operation, dual monitors and stores 200 images. It has Tri mode 6/9/12 and Tri mode 4/6/9 options. Its collimator has two sets of opposing shutters which are continuously variable and rotatable as well as remote controlled by the control panel. The GE OEC 9600 C-Arm boasts a 9"/6"/4.5" image intensifier and it has a Eureka rotating anode x-ray tube with 0.3mm-1.0mm focal spots.  





 GE OEC 9800


The OEC 9800 is the gold standard in mobile fluoroscopy applications and innovative x-ray imaging technology. Built on the leadership and experience of thousands of systems installed world-wide, GE has set a new standard in mobile C-arm imaging with the OEC 9800.




Remanufactured GE XT Suspension systems are completely dismantled, structurally inspected and thoroughly remanufactured to provide accurate radiographic positioning. Each unit is fitted with select EDI or GE upgrades including new bearings, tracks, counterweight and electrical cables, counterpoise spring drum and gooseneck assembly where applicable. After a detailed three-step paint process each system is completely pre-staged for compatibility to GE tables and other auxiliary equipment and calibrated to OEM specifications.




Remanufactured GE AMX portables are subject to a thorough electronic, mechanical and cosmetic program. Numerous upgrades include a new maintenance-free battery pack, critical structural reinforcements and replacement of major cabling and control components. Each system is then calibrated and tested to exacting standards backed by an 18-month warranty on workmanship and parts on AMX III, IV & IV Plus.




The Del Medical DRV digital upgrade allows you to add the power of today’s flat panel detector technology and advanced image processing software to most DRV radiographic system configurations. This combination gives you fast digital imaging, high resolution and the industry’s most user-friendly software interface with proven technology.  






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