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Medical Imaging / IMCO, Inc. is here to assist you with digital CR Systems. If you are looking to go digital at a cost effective price CR is the solution. We represent today's top name brands in the industry including Konica, Fuji and AllPro.

We service all the systems that we offer including installation, application and warranty labor. You can count on us to provide you with the highest quality service and support.



The FCR XL-2 can process up to 94 images per hour - yet its small size makes it ideal for small exam rooms or offices where space is limited. With this kind of speed, the FCR XL-2 also serves as a great redundancy solution, particularly during busy periods.   



 ICRco 3600SF CR

The iCR3600SF is an excellent choice for hand surgeons and podiatrists. Its patented design incorporates a True Flat Scan Path™, an ultra precise scan mechanism and protective cassettes to produce over 300,000 high resolution images per plate. iCRco imaging plates are fixed to a rigid back panel. Nothing ever touches the active area of the phosphor plate resulting in an artifact free image.  





For the low-volume practices that take their disgnostic imaging seriously, the Konica ImagePilot Sigma ia an all-in-one CR solution known for its image quality and relaiability as expected from the REGIUS family of products. With its simple and intuitive user interface, the ImagePilot Sigma is a great entry level CR solution that results in smoother workflow.







IQue has a self-learning capability that routinely adjusts images to a user's preference. Even technologists with no prior CR experience can generate optimized diagnostic images. Best of all, your busy imaging center or clinic will see added productivity and superior image quality, day after day. So just point and go . . .and leave the thinking to IQue!





 Kodak Vita (Carestream Vita CR)

The Carestream Vita is designed for small to midsized hospitals, clinics, and practices that need an affordable compact digital solution. This compact, small-footspring solution offers high quality digital images and three options for throughput speeds to boost efficiency and productivity while supoprting quality patient care and better outcomes. With a quick and seamless install into existing workflow as well as intuitive interface, adding a Carestream Vita to your workplace is easy.            





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